Block Distracting Apps and Boost Your Productivity through Block Apps.

I was a phone addict. I used to check my Instagram a few times a minute even though nothing was going on. I was desperate to stop doing this because I didn't want to waste my time. Then, I found "Block Apps." And it has CHANGED my life.

How Block Apps works is super SIMPLE and EASY.

First, you choose apps that you want to block. Then you set up the time and days you want to block the apps. THAT'S IT!

What does it do now?

If you blocked Instagram and Facebook from 9 to 5 every day, Block Apps will never let you get on them during that time! This will just make you FORGET about the apps that distract you!

Plus, Block Apps even shows you how much time you spend on every app you've downloaded. With this feature, you can EASILY figure out which apps you should block!

I stopped wasting my time because of Block Apps! Now I am seeing HIGHER productivity and much BETTER workflow!

If you want to CHANGE your life like I did, try Block Apps for FREE! (

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