Dogs in South Korea

Do you guys have any pets? I had a dog who passed away about 3 years ago. And I still think about her from time to time because she was my best friend. Because of her, I started to love all the animals and care more about nature. I even think that dogs are one of the most amazing creatures God has given to us.

I lost my train of thought while I was thinking about her, so I did some random research. I knew that dogs are the most popular pet in Korea, but I had to make sure. It turned out that dogs accounted for 82.5% of the pets Koreans had as of 2017, according to research by KB Financial Group Inc. (Cats followed them by 16.6%.) In addition, it is estimated that 14 million Koreans own a pet. So, yeah, there are many dogs here in Korea.

Furthermore, as you could’ve guessed, Koreans generally prefer small dogs like Shih Tzu, Maltese and Chihuahua. And I think it has to do with the fact that most Koreans live in condominiums. (Nearly a quarter of Koreans live in Seoul, and the city’s population density is nearly twice that of NYC, according to Wikipedia. So, we are building more and more high apartment buildings to meet the demands.) Therefore, not only is it hard to own a big dog in an apartment, but it is also miserable for dogs to live in a tiny place without a garden.

So, these were some interesting facts about dogs in South Korea. I don’t know what has led me to write about it, but I hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know what type of pets you guys have as well :)


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