I Had "Thigh Burger" Today

For dinner tonight, I had a takeout burger from Korean fast food chain, Mom's Touch. I had 싸이버거 ("thigh burger") as usual and absolutely loved it. (It tastes a bit like a less spicy version of the KFC Zinger burger.)⁣

I first saw Mom's Touch around my military base a few years ago when I was in the army. And eating a burger there once a while whenever I was granted a day off during the weekend was one of the best things I could do in the army. (I was stationed in a very secluded area of South Korea.)⁣

Plus,not surprisingly, I had beer instead of coke today. (In my defense, I easily get cavities, so I've stopped drinking any soda since last winter.) And I am glad I had some beer today since it relieved my stress. It was a tough day...⁣

Do you guys have any special meal that makes you feel better?⁣


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