I Played "Magic Survival," and I Loved It

I recently tried a Korean mobile game, "Magic Survival," and I absolutely loved it. What is special about this game?

Long story short, "Magic Survival" is a one-button game where your character has to survive for 12 minutes each stage. Its plotline is pretty simple too. An unknown virus has plagued the world, and you have to survive.

When the game starts, you have to run away from the enemies that pop up on the screen. If they bump into your character, its HP gets decreased. Your character automatically shoots laser beams at enemies to kill them, but new mobs continuously pop up until your character dies. It gets really harder to dodge them as time goes since more and more mobs come up.

The important thing is not only to run away from those freaks but also to take in the blue beads and yellow beads on the screen. These are skill points that you need to learn skills. You can see the blue bar on the top starts to fill up as you take in those. It is very important to get them as many as possible and learn skills. It is impossible to survive for 12 minutes without them because mobs get stronger and faster as time goes.

There are many skills you can learn. Every time the blue bar is full, you can choose a skill from three different random options. Some of them are attacking skills like meteors, blizzards, thunderstorms, etc. And the others are passive skills that increase your damage, speed, stamina, etc. So, it is really interesting to figure out which skills work best for you.

In addition to intense control and interesting skills, there are many other great features of this game: trying a different combination of items, collecting other types of characters and so on.

For these reasons, I love playing "Magic Survival." If you want to try a simple yet difficult one-button game, it will be the best choice for you. Try for free at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vkslrzm.Zombie


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