I Played "Snow Bros" on a phone.

Do you guys know about the Japanese arcade game, “Snow Bros?” It’s an old arcade game that came out in 1990, and I have some stories about it.

When I was a kid, there was an arcade game machine in front of a stationery store in my neighborhood. And kids at my age were always there to play "Snow Bros." Many kids were pretty good at it while I sucked. Yet, I still had so much fun watching other kids playing. It was a good memory.

But I haven't seen those arcade game machines for ages since I got older. And I've missed those. So, it was quite exciting to see “Snow Bros” as a mobile game.

I don’t even know the actual plotline of this game, but it’s probably about defeating a bad guy who’s threatening the universe. And you are a snowman who can throw snowballs at mobs to make them into a giant snowball you can roll away.

Furthermore, you just use two buttons in the game. One is for throwing snowballs at enemies and the other one is for jumping. And you have to get rid of all the enemies at each stage. The game is actually pretty hard because your character just dies when a mob bumps into you.

Long story short, playing this game reminded me of all the good memories: the time you could do something with 10 cents and talk to strangers without feeling shy. Also, it made me realize how time has passed really fast and many things have changed.

Well, at least, one thing has stayed the same: I still suck at this game.

Anyway, it was just fun playing an old game that brought back many good memories. For those of you who share similar experiences with this game, you can try "Snow Bros" at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobirix.jp.snowbrothers


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