Increase your profit by sending perfect push notifications through Boardactive.

Updated: Mar 3

<Increase your profit by sending perfect push notifications through Boardactive>

We’re always getting push notifications from apps we've downloaded. For example, The CNN app notifies you whenever it has breaking news. Tinder lets you know it is "time to swipe." Why are they doing it? Is it helpful for the brands?

Research says sending push notifications increases app retention rates by 3 to 10 times. However, it also says only 10.3% of users click them. So, we could say that they are effective but still have plenty of room for improvement.

What if companies could send them whenever customers are in certain places? For example, wouldn't notifications be more effective if a food court restaurant promoted its food whenever their customers are at a department store? Boardactive, a software development kit, will make it happen.

How does it work? Boardactive has adopted “geofencing” technology. Geofencing is "the use of GPS to create a virtual geographic boundary, which enables software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area,” the Oxford Dictionary says. That's how Boardactive enables companies to send users push notifications based on where they are. (Think of Pokemon Go. You run into Pikachu whenever you are walking around Manhattan’s Central Park, not your home.)

I made a schedule to try the demo on its website ( And Joey Wenzler, the company’s PR director, gave me a walkthrough of the software kit on our video call. One thing I noticed about the kit was that it looked really simple. Actually, the way it worked was really easy as well.

First, you set up the geofence on the map. It’s simple. You just click wherever you like on the map to set the perimeter. Afterward, you decide how many days you want to send your push notification, how often you want to send it, etc. There are also many different filters that you can use to segment your customers for better targeting.

In addition to this amazing push notification feature, you can also measure foot-traffic of the places that matter, monitor store visits, and track the efficiency of campaigns through Boardactive. I think that is really powerful for your further campaigns and customer management as well.

I generally disable any push notifications since they are annoying. But if I get relevant notifications at the right time, I might pay attention. For example, if I get a notification about a 50% discount deal for coffee at a cafe when I'm at a department store, I would probably visit the cafe. It is just way more relevant. I would've simply ignored the same deal if I were playing a game at home. That's why I think Boardactive could be really helpful for businesses that want to make the most of their push notifications.

Can you trust this company though? Don't worry about it. Boardactive's technology has been internationally patented with several dozens of claims on mobile engagement, retention and retargeting. Also, it is compliant with the standards of The California Consumer Privacy Act and The General Data Protection Regulation. "We use 1st party data that is updated in real-time and never aggregate or sell that data," Joey said.

If you want to try this program and see how it works out for your business, you can try the demo and find out more about it at (They also have their own podcast, “Simple Tech Talk Podcast.” Check it out as well if you are interested.)


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