Master Your English with English Hero

Updated: Mar 5

<Master Your English with English Hero>

Are you trying to learn English for FREE? An upcoming app, English Hero (, might be the ANSWER for you.

English Hero is the BEST app for "shadowing" practice. Shadowing is a PROVEN exercise you can MASTER your English. By repeating after a native speaker until you sound PERFECT, you will be able to speak FLUENT English.

-How does English Hero work?

First, you will listen to a conversation recorded by native speakers. Audio stops after each sentence. Then you record your own voice repeating the sentence. It will move on to the next sentence only if you say it PERFECTLY. Through this practice, you will be able to speak English like a NATIVE SPEAKER.

There are more reasons why English Hero is AMAZING.

-Interesting Stories won't make you bored

English Hero offers a variety of interesting stories that you can practice with. You won't even feel like you are studying because they are so ENTERTAINING.

-You can practice many different accents.

Many other English apps only focus on American English. But English Hero offers stories recorded in British English and Canadian English as well.

Not surprisingly, with these GREAT features, English Hero has been chosen by the Google Play Store to be part of its Early Access collection!

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to MASTER your English for FREE! (


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