My Thought about SHINee - View.

In my opinion, “View” by SHINee was the song that perfectly defined the color of the band. Not only the song, but the music video, the fashion and the choreography were also great. And I see the band as one of a few K-pop boy bands who can do perfect British style club music because of this song.

For those of you who don't know about "View," it is a UK Garage-based dance song that came out in 2016. (UK Garage: And I remember the reactions to the song back then. They were pretty divisive because the chorus part didn't go "hard."

Many K-pop songs back then tended to add more instruments and more rhythms to the chorus part to make it "explosive." But, on the very first chorus part of "View," you can only hear bass and drums. And that sounded "empty" to many Korean listeners who were only used to songs with an explosive chorus. (But this kind of chorus is very common in this type of song.

Anyway, I loved how "View" was so different. And honestly, I haven't listened to any other K-pop songs that sound this "foreign" besides this song.

As an additional note, "View" was produced by LDN Noise, a British producer duo based in London. So, the song was made by British blokes and was meant to sound "British" from the beginning. (In addition, the producer duo also made "4 Walls" by f(x), which sounds similar to "View.")

So, I still love listening to "View" for these reasons. What is your favorite SHINee song?

(You can also listen to the songs I talk about through the link on my bio.)


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