My Thougts about "Sam Kim & Kwon Jin-ah - For Now."

I have a special memory about the 2016 acoustic song “For Now” by Sam Kim and Kwon Jin-ah. There was this girl that I liked for a while who only saw me as a friend. (In hindsight, I understand why she wasn’t into me.)

One night, we went out drinking, and I told her about my true feelings. And her answer was an easy no. Even though I already knew what she would say, it still hurt. (At least, I’d been mayor of the friend zone many times before, so it wasn’t too bad.)

But then this song was played at the restaurant immediately after we awkwardly fell silent. So, I could clearly listen to the song without any interruptions for a while. (Maybe I should thank her for giving me an opportunity to focus on the song.) What made it worse was that this song was about a similar situation I was in at the moment. And their voices were so deep and sad. So, it actually made me a bit emotional.

Of course, after her, I met a few other girls and had a great time with them. And I will probably meet more people in the future as well. But this song will always remind me of her and how stupid I was.

Is there any song that reminds you of your unrequited love like "For Now" does to me?


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