price of safety

Updated: Feb 21

"We are winning the war on illegal drugs," said Oscar Albayalde, chief of the Philippines National Police (PNP), on August 9, 2019.

Mr Albayalde stated that the crime rate from July 2016 (around the time Mr Duterte started his first term as president of the Philippines ) to June 2019 decreased by 24%, hailing anti-drug campaign initiated by Mr Duterte as successful.

However, the crackdowns smack of three times more casualties, 20,000 dead, than the small number Mr Albayalde flaunts. Many Catholics, comprising 86% of the population of the Philippines, and human rights groups have been playing a critical role in lambasting the government of the atrocities of the drug war.

Meanwhile, Mr Duterte once said that safety comes at a price.

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