Traditional Korean Medicine and Urine Therapy

Today, I have to talk about something exotic I was talking with my friend yesterday. (I have to tell you that the topic could be a bit disgusting yet wholesome at the same time.) It was about Traditional Korean medicine (TKM) and urine therapy.

So, how the hell did this topic come up? I was talking with my friend on the phone, and I told her about the things some guy had told me years ago.

Apparently, his mother had been diagnosed with cancer. And, unfortunately, chemo didn't work so they were in a dire situation. But he knew he had to do something. So he reached out to anyone for help.

Eventually, one of his friends who was a doctor gave him advice: make her drink her own urine. Of course, he thought his friend was mental. But, according to him, the doctor told him that every doctor knows the effect of urine therapy and even drinks their own. (Yeah, I know…)

Afterward, he tried to convince his mom to try urine therapy as a last resort. Of course, she strongly refused it like a normal person. Then, he started drinking his own urine to convince her that she should try anything to recover. Finally convinced, she went for it.

Then, what happened? She recovered.

I know it is a very interesting story with so many debatable issues. But, even before he told me his story, I'd heard that some schools of Traditional Korean medicine support the medical effects of urine therapy. So, the whole story was quite fascinating to me. (By the way, he wasn't trying to sell me anything. He was genuine.)

Of course, the effects of urine therapy haven't been scientifically proven.

Not only did his story entertain me, but his story made me wonder: Is urine therapy only a "Korean" thing or something that has been practiced by people in other parts of the world? (I'm just giving you a topic to talk about on your family dinner. You are welcome.)


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