Updated: Feb 21

Tsingtao is probably the most unsung beer ever in the West.

Selling an estimated 49 million hectolitres (one hundred litres), Tsingtao was ranked as the third most sold beer in 2017 just behind Snow, another Chinese beer, and Budweiser, American beer.

Beloved for its soft taste, Tsingtao's birth stemmed from the time Germany subjugated the eastern Chinese city Qingdao in 1898 until the troops retreated in 1914. In 1903, Germans established Germania-Brauerei ("German brewery" in German) in the city and served its first beer in 1904, initiating the start of Tsingtao beer.

In the early 1990s, Germania-Brauerei and a few other Qingdao-based breweries were merged to become Tsingtao Brewery Company Limited as it is known today.

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