What is Chicken Pop (치킨팝)?

Have you guys ever tried Korean snack, "Chicken Pop?" It's one of my favorite Korean snacks out there. Just like how the name implies, it's a Korean Yangnyeom chicken-flavored popcorn snack.

I've been a big fan of "Chicken Pop" since no other snacks have a similar taste. It really tastes like a Yangnyeom chicken, and who doesn't love Yangnyeom chicken? Furthermore, I love the fact that each piece of popcorn is so small that I can easily swallow it.

On a side note, the manufacturing of the snack had been temporarily halted from 2016 until early last year. It was because the factory had to be shut down temporarily due to a massive factory fire. Many Korean consumers were disappointed back then because they loved the snack. So, its comeback last year was one of the best news for its fans like me.

So, this was I wanted to talk about "Chicken Pop" today. It's definitely one of the most popular Korean snacks, and I hope you guys could try it one day!


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