What is Sundaeguk?

South Koreans are well known for drinking a lot. They drink on the weekdays after work with their coworkers. And then they drink on the weekends with their friends. (Not surprisingly, liver cancer was the 4th most common cancer in South Korea in 2018, according to the Chonam Medical Journal.) Anyway, there is a dish these alcohol-loving fellas enjoy in the morning after their drinking night. It is Sundaeguk (순대국; roughly translated as "Sundae soup.") So, we can guess Sundaeguk is some sort of a soup dish. Then what is Sundae? Sundae is a Korean blood sausage filled with cellophane noodles. And it is usually served with slices of pig or cow's steamed intestines and blood. So, Sundaeguk is a soup dish mixed with sundae, intestines, noodles and vegetables. (Guk(국) means "soup" in Korean.) For people who have never tried intestines or blood sausage, this dish could be a little challenging to try for sure. But once you try it, you cannot forget the spicy taste and tingles the food gives. Then you will understand why South Koreans love it. @official_theasians theasians.org

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