Who is Joji?

Do you guys know about Japanese singer-songwriter Joji? My friend once told me that she really got into his music because it was so deep and dark. So, I checked him out. Since then, I've been in love with his music.

When he's got so many great tracks, I specifically want to talk about "Sanctuary."

To understand the song better, we have to talk about its music video first.

In its music video, Joji is a captain of a spaceship, who lost his motivation after he finally killed a villain. And Joji's close friend can't handle how Joji is getting depressed. So, he decides to betray the whole crew and become a villain himself, just to give Joji a "reason" to live again. And the music video ends with Joji showing a smile on his face, indicating that he is happy now.

Now we will take a look at the lyrics, especially the chorus.

The chorus goes:

"If you've been waitin' for fallin' in love

Babe, you don't have to wait on me

'Cause I've been aimin' for Heaven above

But an angel ain't what I need."

My interpretation of the song is that he's willing to act like a devil (the opposite of an angel) and sacrifice himself for his lover's happiness, even if it is about ending their relationship. (Kind of like what Joji's friend does for him in the music video.) It's because his lover is an "angel" or "sanctuary" to him, he doesn't want her to tarnish her image by turning into a "bad person" who's ending the relationship.

The song made me think a lot since I happened to listen to it after I split up with a girl I was seeing. At the moment, I blamed her for breaking up with me. But, in hindsight, maybe she was the one who sacrificed herself acting the "bad guy."

Well, it's always best to listen to the music itself. If you are interested in Joji's dark vibe, check out his "Sanctuary" music video here. (https://youtu.be/YWN81V7ojOE)


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