Why "Hug" by TVXQ Was So Popular.

When I was in primary school and had no brain, I once took the piss out of a Korean boy band TVXQ with my male friends. (I still have no idea why I did that.) And girls who liked TVXQ heard me and said a few hurtful words to me, which I deserved. Since then, pretty much all the girls at school started to hate me because they all loved the band.

Like you can guess, TVXQ was the biggest Korean boy band back in the 2000s. I remember so many kids did a cover dance of TVXQ on school talent shows. As I’m thinking about it now, probably “O - Jung Ban Hap,” “Mirotic,” “Hug” were covered the most.

Specifically, their debut single “Hug” shocked all the Korean teenage girls. Why? For starters, the boys were all handsome and cute. But I think the lyrics of the song contributed the most.

Here are some parts of the lyrics that are roughly translated (source: azlyrics):

Just for one day, I would like to be the bed in your room, oh baby.

I want to hold you in my chest more warmly.

...Just for one day, I would like to be your kitten, oh baby

while staying in your soft bosom enjoying the delicious milk you give. (I’m not even gonna bother myself correcting this part.)

Imagine five pretty boys singing sweet words like these. Girls loved it for sure. If you don’t get it, think about how “Baby” by Justin Bieber was a massive hit song. I don’t know about now, but these types of lyrics definitely worked in the 2000s.

Plus, the music itself was great as well. Each member had a different vocal range and tone, which made the song full of beautiful harmonies. (Even SM Entertainment promoted the band as an “acapella-singing boy band” at the beginning.)

So, this was my thought in the shower about TVXQ (not in a weird way). If you want to check out their “legendary” debut single “Hug,” check out the link here.



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