Why I Like "I Believe" by EXILE?

What is your favorite Christmas music? "All I Want For Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey? Yeah, I admit the song is the best for sure.

But for me, "I Believe" by EXILE, a Japanese boy band, is by far one of the best.

I don't even know any Japanese, but the whole vibe of the song is just really "cute." And it makes me miss the beautiful Christmas memories that I've never had.

Plus, I pretty much like every song with the synthesizer sound this song uses on its chorus (the airy flute-like sound you can hear from every R&B song from the 90s).

So, If you feel like you are already missing Christmas, why not try "I Believe" by EXILE? 🤗 https://youtu.be/qwf9ujnx1Yw


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