Why I Love "Anpanman" by BTS.

"Anpanman" is my favorite BTS song on their album, "Love Yourself: Tear." It's because I generally like hip-hop dance music, and the track is just so catchy. The music immediately caught my ear when I heard, "Waiting for you Anpanman," in an auto-tuned voice at the beginning.

(On a side note, this type of song was popular between 2015 and 2017 when "mumble rappers" like Lil Yatchy and Fetty Wap were huge. BTS did a great job mixing it into their own style.)

But who the hell is Anpanman though? I had to do some research to understand the lyrics.

"Anpanman" is a Japanese children's book character whose head is red-bean paste bread. (Although it sounds very scary, he actually looks cute.) And also, he is a superhero who protects his friends and village against a villain, Baikinman.

The most impressive thing Anpanman does is take a piece of bread out of his head and share it to hungry children and the poor. It shows how he always sacrifices himself for the happiness of others.

Then what the hell does Anpanman do with BTS?

Basically, what BTS is saying is that they will be like "Anpanman" for their fans. Even though music is the only thing they can share, they will always be there to make fans happy; just like how Anpanman is always there for people.

And I think the lyrics really suit BTS well since the boys always try to deliver a positive message.

So, if you want to get "turned up" and feel the positive message as well, why not try "Anpanman" by BTS?



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