Why I Love "Everything" by MISIA.

Do you guys like Japanese Ballads? Whenever I feel like listening to Ballad music, I prefer listening to Japanese songs than Korean ones. It's because the lyrics of some Korean ballads can be "cringe" to me since I fully understand the language. So, it's sometimes better to listen to something that I absolutely have no clue what the singers are saying.

And "Everything" by MISIA is what I see as the epitome of Japanese Ballad: beautiful orchestration, complicated chord progressions, fairytale-like lyrics, etc.

Most of all, MISIA is perfect in this song. And that's what completes this song.

Apparently, MISIA was voted as the best Japanese vocalist in a 2019 survey by the Tokyo University of the Arts. And I even get a Macy Gray vibe from her, which is great. (Macy Gray is an American singer who sang the 1999 hit song, "I Try.")

So, if you feel like listening to a beautiful Japanese ballad song, why not try "Everything" by MISIA?



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