Why I'm interested in Japan

Updated: Mar 5

I've been going back and forth about learning Japanese for a few months now. (I know that I just could've started learning it.) Anyway, even though I don't think that I would ever be fluent in it, I still want to try it because I am very interested in Japan. I was thinking about why I have a massive interest in the country, and here are the reasons. First, I used to read tons of Japanese novels when I was young. I only visited Japan once, but whenever I read those books, I could imagine the exotic yet familiar sceneries of the country. And it made me want to explore the country. Also, I generally liked the "wholesome" vibe the stories from the books carried. Second, the language just sounds interesting. Korean and Japanese share similar grammar rules and many similar-sounding words, but they are still different languages. That's why I think it would be fun to communicate with the Japanese people in their language. (Plus, the way Japanese girls talk is super cute.) Last but not least, I want to spend more time understanding the country better. As neighboring countries, South Korea and Japan have influenced each other in many aspects: food, music, fashion, etc. But at the same time, we share such complicated historical events, which still hamper our relationship. Japanese colonization of Korea between 1910-1945 is one of them. The bilateral relationship hit rock bottom last year as the Japanese government began levying higher taxes on imports from South Korea. It was carried out in response to the decision of the South Korean Supreme Court, which ordered Japanese companies to compensate for the wartime forced laborers. After Japan started a trade war, the majority of South Koreans reacted by boycotting Japanese products. And the whole vicious spat led people from both countries to start "hating" each other again. The disputes cooled down a little bit this year, but the relationship is still on thin ice. As a person who talks about Asia, I feel the responsibility to have unbiased opinions about other Asian countries. To do that, I have to put effort into studying them without being influenced by other people's opinions. And Japan is definitely one of those countries I should study. I saw many media outlets saying what people wanted to hear instead of the facts. I want to guide “The Asians” to tell only the truths so that people can seek “solution,” not “anger.” So, that is my third reason. For these reasons, my interest in Japan will last forever. Maybe I should really start learning Japanese this time. @official_theasians

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